I lied and I’m sorry.

I’m really not that simple. In fact, humans are not simple beings.

And this blog is not simple. I wish I had one hobby that I enjoyed to blog about, but I don’t. I like and love so many different things that I cannot chose just one topic to cover in this blog. I also have many concerns and questions I would like to address, and hopefully, with your help, I can receive other perspectives on these said concerns. I will simply, but not quite simply, post whatever is on my mind. I will use this blog as a tool to get my inner thoughts out.

Oh, and I’m a blonde, beer-lovin’, book worm who likes long walks on the beach…well I mean, I do, but I really like long walks anywhere, especially on quiet trails in the woods away from people. Just me and nature.

I would much rather grab a pencil and paper and jot down my ideas, but in this day and age, I really do want to do my part to help preserve the environment, and as much as I dislike technology, it does help our world. The digital revolution is upon us so blogging is something I have to get use to, besides, I have no other way to vent out the black hole of thoughts I have in my mind.

Enjoy ya’ll.


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