Baby Season

Spring is here. Summer is around the corner.

Tis’ the season for babies, and not just 4-legged, furry babies.

It seems almost everyone I know is having a baby these days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. At all. If you are ready for a kid, go for it. If you’re not, and you find yourself pregnant, well embrace it cause there is no turning back. (Note: Technically you can turn back, and I am all for the pro-choice movement so do what makes you happy.)

But I find myself saying, “HELL NO” to kids. Then again, I am 22 (almost 23 in two weeks).

In my 30’s I could see myself having a kid. My mom had me at 34. There is no right or wrong age to have a baby. I just want to do so much before I am responsible for another life and lose all my freedom.

But for those who do not want kids, and I MEAN REALLY DO NOT WANT KIDS, that is okay, too!

Kids are not for everyone. Not all women have that maternal instinct. Does that make them any less of a woman? HELL NO!

One of the worst things you can do to a person is assume anything about their life. God forbid you question when your daughter-in-law is going to have kids and it turns out she cannot have them, tension could arise and you could really add to her pain (if she wanted kids that is).

That’s just one example of why we should never assume things. It drives me up a wall (Does anyone know where that expression came from?).

Even if you have good intentions, keep comments and questions about other people’s lives to yourself.

Well, the baby I am babysitting is just about to wake up screaming bloody murder so that’s all folks!



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