I decided to do something crazy two weeks ago.

After graduating college on May 12th, I moved home.

But that’s not the crazy part.

A week or so after that I decided to foster kittens. Unemployed and bored, I figured, “hey it’s never too early to start your life as a crazy cat lady.”

Or in my case, continue my life as a crazy cat lady.

So the two babies I am fostering are named Horton and Morton (Horty and Morty for short). They are brothers, but unfortunately, they are sick. The boys both have an upper respiratory infection that is quite common in kittens sent to the shelter. I am nursing them back to health so they can hopefully get adopted together in two weeks.

I’ve been pretty busy taking care of these two crazy kittens and applying for jobs. P.S. The job market blows right now…blows a big fat ole’ piece of bubba bubba gum.

I’ve been scammed several times already taking interviews at bogus companies that only want to use you to sell their products. These “companies” market themselves as “consulting companies” and describe the job listed as a “marketing position” when in actuality you go door to door selling cheap make-up pallets (no joke). Monday, I excitedly drove about 45 minutes to my second round interview at a “cosmetic marketing company” only to be driven around for the next 30 minutes while the guy “interviewing” me tried to sell these make-up pallets to different business in the area.

I asked several important questions:

“Do you offer health benefits?”

“Do you offer a 401K or retirement plan?”

“Do you compensate for mileage?”

All were answered with firm “no.” I almost asked the guy to drive me back to the office. I put up with his shenanigans just to be polite because in all honesty I think he knew I wouldn’t be fooled into taking this job.

Another interview I had was a marketing position at a hotel chain based in Hawaii. I know, crazy, but to be fair I read several articles where they said Hawaii was struggling to find people to work on the island and would pay a decent salary. Well, I guess I applied to the wrong place because they only offered me 12.00 dollars an hour with commission. I almost laughed, but they were dead serious. The woman was very polite but as I repeatedly asked how someone could afford to live in Hawaii with that salary, she couldn’t give me a straight answer. Even in my little small town in New Jersey, you cannot survive off of that salary.

I’ve had similar interviews with roughly the same salary offer. A salary that is less than what I made before I went back to get my degree. And it is frustrating.

So, now I am in a slump, feeling sorry for myself trying to chug away. I apply almost everyday, but it sure is rough out there.

From a struggling new college graduate all I can say is…learn a trade.




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