Welcome [back] To The Rat Race

I'm about to graduate. And it is about damn time. One thing that has been bothering me during these final days as a college student has been one question I've been repeatedly asked: "Are you ready for the real world?" Okay, actually two: "Are you ready to join the rat race (working world)?" These questions... Continue Reading →



Why do we feel some kind of way with the mention of our significant other’s ex? Or, visa versa? Most people feel the green monster creep up. Others get angry and defensive. I know with the mention of my ex, for whatever reason it may be, my boyfriend gets very unsettled. I can feel it.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Assume

My boyfriend mentions to me how ladies at his work asked him if he was going to propose to me in front of the Eiffel Tower. He laughed. I didn't. I told him if he proposed, I would say no and leave him in Paris. I wasn't kidding either. Too harsh?

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