Oh, Rich People

This post goes off my first blog post “Money Can[not] Buy Happiness.” And honestly this is going to probably be a complete contradiction of what I said, or it may not. I don’t really care because honestly humans are walking contradictions; I am no exception.

I don’t always hate rich people. I do find myself saying things like:

“Rich people are so lucky.”

“I wish I was rich.”

“My life would be so better if I was rich.”

I realize though, I’m not angry at rich people, I’m jealous. These feelings are normal though, right? Simply, human nature?

But than I came across this PayScale article that told me some CEOs make “300 times the median salary of their employees.”

And according to the article thats “just in cash (base pay, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.). Many CEOs receive substantial stock/option grants and perks as part of their compensation, which can more than quadruple their total annual pay.”

The article even gave a nice example to infuriate me even more:

“Larry Merlo, the CEO of CVS Health Corp, made roughly 434 times the salary of the median CVS employee in 2015, the largest ratio between CEO and employee pay at any company on this list.”

A few friends of mine work[ed] at CVS. Their starting salary was $8.45 an hour (This may differ upon minimum wage standards within in each state, for example Pennsylvania’s minimum wage rate is $7.25 an hour, but correct me if I’m wrong.) Currently, another friend of mine works in a CVS pharmacy as a tech. She makes around $10.00 an hour, give or take.

Now I AM angry at rich people. (Note: I recognize this is judgmental and may not pertain to all individuals who are considered “rich” which in itself is a broad term.) 

CEOs rack in money hand over foot, knowing damn well they can afford to pay their employees a living wage, but choose the latter.


Is that sinking in?

Some of you may say, “Well it’s their company so they can do what they want” or “They work really hard and earn/deserve that money.”

No, plain and simple, it’s greedy, immoral, and unethical.

And, no one deserves anything in this world. People should not be so entitled. (Ironic as people belittle those on welfare-“those entitled leaches”- yet support these money bag CEOs and their “entitlement” to millions or even billions of dollars a year for playing golf 20 of their 40 hour-work week. (Note: Yet, another generalization. I know, please laugh or feel free to remind me in the comment box.) 

Not everyone may agree with this Robin Hood theory. This redistribution of wealth.

And I’m not saying steal from the rich and give to the poor. Absolutely not. For the most part, hand-outs do not create a healthier overall society (Note:But thats another topic for another day because I am all for helping those in need. I am not all for giving and then being taken advantage of.) But if someone is out there busting their ass 40 to 60 hours a week, and that same person still cannot afford to survive comfortably, I say there is a flaw in the system.

People will say, “Well minimum wage jobs [or low pay jobs] are intended for high school kids entering the work force…blah blah blah”

So, if I’m getting this right: yell at people for not working, but then also yell at people for working.

And, ‘intended for high school kids’ is actually incorrect as most high school kids, are, well, in school 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday. So…that just about defeats that statement.

“Go back to school and get a degree.”

Well, sir/ma’am, many people cannot afford to go to college. Financial aid only goes so far; tuition rates are at a all time high. Wouldn’t financial aid also then be considered a free hand-out? A term in which people so freely throw around to belittle others? And most people I know do not have hundreds of dollars laying around for books or time off from actually working and paying bills.

Then comes…

“Get a trade.”

Sir/Ma’am, trade schools still cost money. And unions are very difficult to get into…and… just see the above.

“Get two jobs, then.”

Oh yeah sure, thats fine and dandy, but in most places two minimum wage jobs won’t help people live comfortably either, so…

Take it from me. I am about to graduate college with a precious degree everyone told me to get that would make my life easier and I am still on the struggle bus going round and round. The lady who owns the public relations firm I intern at said at best I will start out making 30K in an entry level public relations firm. IF I’M LUCKY.

Every job I have looked at and/ or interviewed at, the salary offered was no more than 35K. And I live in NJ where property taxes will likely put you over the edge.

I have a degree. I have debt. But I cannot survive because “I have to start at the bottom?”

I hear it all the time.

“You gotta start somewhere.”

Thats all well and good, BUT if I have the credentials and drive to work hard, and prove that I am working hard, why the hell am I not making enough to survive as I have a degree, the holy grail of the working world. (Note: Technically I’m not even entry level because I have been working 7 years.) What does entry level even mean?)

CEOs make a crap ton of money. I do not understand why they cannot pay their employees a decent wage, still live comfortably themselves, and not up product costs. Who really needs to make 3,000 dollars an hour or have 3 houses? I wouldn’t even know what I would do with all that money. Honestly, I would probably give most of it away, but thats just me.

Right now, I feel the system cannot sustain much longer. The middle class is growing smaller and smaller.

SOS cause we need help.


Final note: Yes, I am bitching. Yes, I am a millennial. No, I do not care. And finally, yes I am doing something about this issue, please see the above. I am starting a conversation, plain and simple. 


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