Money Can[not] Buy Happiness

What does money mean to you?

Happiness and money go hand-in-hand. They prance across a lush, manicured lawn because money can buy landscapers to make that lawn look pristine while those who do not have money settle for the bald spots on the lawn where their dog took a dump.

This is an age-old question. Does money actually buy happiness? I cannot argue that it doesn’t. I would be much happier if I had money to pay landscapers to help me have a nice manicured lawn (But I’m not lazy and can do it myself, however, that’s for a different post-And don’t come at me. I’m young and in good health. I can do. You old folks, well, I get why you can’t.) Money would be nice to help me pay off my student loans. I would also be happy if I had money to backpack across Europe or start an animal sanctuary or buy a refurbished 1950’s pick-up truck.

So, that would make the heading of this post a lie. A bold-faced, twisted lie many poor or less fortunate people toss around to make themselves feel better.  Note: “Less fortunate” is a term that should be used lightly. A millionaire is technically less fortunate than a billionaire just as a homeless person is less fortunate than a working class person.

Notice my use of “many” because not every “less fortunate” person feels this way. And now notice my use of the word “feel.” Some may associate feelings as an uncontrollable reaction. But is it really uncontrollable? Or are we to blame for this mindset, this ‘twisted lie?’

Finally, notice the word “less fortune.” What does that even me? The term is too broad. It cannot possibly mean just one thing. And honestly the first thing I think of when I think of the term “less fortunate” is Ursula singing “poor unfortunate souls” in the Little Mermaid. She wasn’t saying you poor(not wealthy) mermaids turned plankton/seaweed creature things. She mean’t ‘you dissatisfied’ mermaids turned plankton/seaweed creature things. (I never really know what these mermaids turned into, if someone could find that out for me that would be great.)

So, when I think of the question “Does money buy happiness” initially I’m like hell yeah! But then I stop myself. Well, that all depends on one’s definition of happiness. Are lavish vacations and the newest car sources of happiness for me? Will having a big house and nice furniture make me happy?

Some may say, yes. Some may say money makes their life easier, more comfortable and even happier. But I say ehhhh because honestly money does make me happy, but it doesn’t satisfy me. Personally, money makes my life all the more complicated. Did you know one of the biggest reasons people divorce is due to financial stress. And all I want to say to those individuals is “you’re dumb”, and that’s coming from a child of divorce. Money shouldn’t “ruin” your marriage. Money isn’t even real. It’s a piece of paper thats in all honestly filthy and filled with germs. I say, suck it up butter cup and work your shit out. Note: yes this may seem judgmental because it is. And no I do not mean to offend anyone, but I will because this is the internet and everyone gets offended by something.

But “financial stress” is not real because money is just paper. And what is paper? Dead trees. Something destroyed for the greed of human beings. What is real is two people laughing together, crying together, and making love together. Two people creating positive energy together.

Money and happiness may go hand-in-hand for some of us. And you know what? That’s okay. You’re not a bad person for wanting financial comfort and nice things. I just find happiness in experiences. “But you need money to have experiences!” And you do need some, not a lot, but some. I’m not saying be a lazy shit and expect happiness. People just believe they need money, and more money, and then more to be happy when in all actuality they are chasing an untouchable, unreachable source of happiness. Someone out there is always going to have more money, nicer things, bigger and better this or that. Telling yourself money will buy you happiness will only trigger you to find more “happiness” and then even more “happiness.”

This notion that money can’t buy happiness isn’t true, but it is not exactly false either. It is what it is to each and every one of us. Money does keep us alive physically, but mentally, for me, it does very little. It gives me a piece of mind, but it’s not something I depend on to make myself happy.

So you’ve heard my opinion, what’s yours? 


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