The Janitor and the CEO

Do you know what I think this world needs the most? "Peace?" Maybe "Love?" Probably But what I really think this world needs most are people who are humble. As Tim McGraw said... "Hold the door say please say thank you Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie I know you got moutains to climb... Continue Reading →


Baby Season

Spring is here. Summer is around the corner. Tis' the season for babies, and not just 4-legged, furry babies. It seems almost everyone I know is having a baby these days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. At all. If you are ready for a kid, go for it. If you're not, and... Continue Reading →

Wedding Diss

Wedding Bliss Diss Dissing weddings is my thing. I am just a cynical lady not by choice, but growing up in a turbulent household with parents who were enemies more than lovers will do that to you. Simply, I am product of my environment, a child of divorce. I know, I know. I should be... Continue Reading →


I decided to do something crazy two weeks ago. After graduating college on May 12th, I moved home. But that's not the crazy part. A week or so after that I decided to foster kittens. Unemployed and bored, I figured, "hey it's never too early to start your life as a crazy cat lady." Or... Continue Reading →

Welcome [back] To The Rat Race

I'm about to graduate. And it is about damn time. One thing that has been bothering me during these final days as a college student has been one question I've been repeatedly asked: "Are you ready for the real world?" Okay, actually two: "Are you ready to join the rat race (working world)?" These questions... Continue Reading →


Why do we feel some kind of way with the mention of our significant other’s ex? Or, visa versa? Most people feel the green monster creep up. Others get angry and defensive. I know with the mention of my ex, for whatever reason it may be, my boyfriend gets very unsettled. I can feel it.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Assume

My boyfriend mentions to me how ladies at his work asked him if he was going to propose to me in front of the Eiffel Tower. He laughed. I didn't. I told him if he proposed, I would say no and leave him in Paris. I wasn't kidding either. Too harsh?

Oh, Rich People

This post goes off my first blog post "Money Can[not] Buy Happiness." And honestly this is going to probably be a complete contradiction of what I said, or it may not. I don't really care because honestly humans are walking contradictions; I am no exception. I don't always hate rich people. I do find myself saying things... Continue Reading →

Money Can[not] Buy Happiness

What does money mean to you? Happiness and money go hand-in-hand. They prance across a lush, manicured lawn because money can buy landscapers to make that lawn look pristine while those who do not have money settle for the bald spots on the lawn where their dog took a dump. This is an age-old question. Does... Continue Reading →

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